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Cedar Street Manufacturing - Makers of Snowhog snow plows

1493 Cedar Street - Elmira NY 14904 - (607) 734-9813 -sales@snowhog.com
Metal Working
Industrial Machinery Modifications
Snowhog Plows
Snowhog Bucket Mount Loader Plow
Portable Welding
Portable Welding Custom Walkway Railing

SnowHog Plows - TIG Welding - Portable Welding - MIG Welding
Stainless Welding - Brazing - Aluminum Welding
Metal Bending - Metal Shaping - Metal Cutting - Production Work

A full-service metal working shop featuring all types of welding, brazing, metal cutting and shaping services as well as on-location portable work. We specialize in creating new and replacement machinery parts.
If you can't buy it, call us, we can make it.

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Cedar Street Manufacturing - 1493 Cedar Street - Elmira NY 14904
Mailing Address - Post Office Box 422, Pine City NY 14871
Phone: (607) 734-9813  
  Fax: (607) 734-4899
Last Updated - March 11, 2013